Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today at the commissary, I bought these "holiday grapes"? Never heard of them...but they are huge! I mean, they are like the size of...hmm...what can I compare them to? Well, basically, I'd say they are about 1.5 inches in diameter. Crazy big. So I thought...if these were to shrivle up into raisins, 1)how long would it take, and 2)how big would they be? Someone do that and get back to me, will ya?

So today, I got a call to WORK tomorrow - my first work day in over 2 weeks...maybe almost 3 - I lost track. But I'll be the highschool PE teacher! Is this a blessing or a curse? I am just HOPING and praying that this coach has left some sort of seat work or test for them to do. The highschool has a unique rotating class schedule where they have like one and a half hour classes, rotating 6 of them through a 2-day schedule. So, I will only have 3 classes tomorrow. Only consolation is that tomorrow is Wednesday, which means short day. Yay! Not yay for my wallet though. Anyway, wish me luck.

Today I picked up an application for Pier 1 Imports. If I work there, I get a 25% discount. I need this. I love this place! In fact, I will have to really watch myself, cuz i could find myself actually spending more than I make if I'm not careful!

Ok, well, goodnight. It's late. Gotta get up early. And I have a Mary Kay party tomorrow night. FUN, but work.


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  1. AHHHH!!!!! You blogged!!! :) :)

    I'm so glad you got to work today, even it's with high school turds...I mean young adults. Let us know how your day went. Hopefully, they were good for you.

    Piere 1 Imports, huh? Yeah, I like that store too. They have the neatest things, and I LOVE to look at their stuff. Yes, you be careful if you work there. BUT, with at 25% discount, that make it tough!